Posting from Lisa

To all you mighty Prayer Warriors,

I am sorry for being absent from updates for a couple weeks. Had several events going on in my own personal family that took me away from Lisa’s situation for a while.
I will tell you she has had a couple decent weeks. The chemo has been done now for three weeks. It was two weeks ago the radiation was done so her body has had some time to recuperate. She has been able to eat a few more things and has had minimal indigestion and other responses to food!
Tomorrow is the big day for her and the beginning of Phase Two of her treatment. To say this phase will be unpleasant is a huge understatement and she is really not looking forward to tomorrow, Tuesday.
She will be in CMC-Main until sometime Friday. She can have visitors and welcomes them as long as you know upfront you can only stay in the room with her for 10 minutes, there is a distance that a visitor has to stay away from her and she may be somewhat sedated. She will be radioactive HOT!
Let me  know if you are interested in going up to see her and I will email the details to you tomorrow after she gets settled in her room.
Prayer requests are:
-> Renewed strength and courage as she faces tomorrow
-> Peace Peace Peace
-> For Doctor Crimaldi, quick precision with procedure and completely sterile field
-> No infection!
-> Complete eradication of the cancer with no organ damage
-> Time to go quickly over the next four days
-> Confidence in this process to be done and successful
Thank you dear ones. It is an honor and pleasure to bring Lisa and her situation to you knowing you will take her before the Father’s throne.
Have a peace filled night,

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