Please Pray

Good Morning Saints,
It’ s Friday but Sunday’s comin’! Here is what Lisa is pondering today:
You’re my Lord of lords, You’re my King of kings
You’re my mighty God, Lord of EVERYTHING
You’re Emmanuel, You’re my great I Am
You’re my Prince of Peace, Who is the lamb
You’re my living God, You’re my Saving Grace
You will reign forever, You’re my Ancient of Days
You’re my Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End
You’re my Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, and Friend
You’re my Prince of peace, I will live my life for You!
We have postponed the auction due to the effects of Lisa’s last chemo treatment. So grateful for the chemo being over but it isn’t leaving her without a huge tornado raging in her. The nausea has been nearly unbearable and her stomach feels like it is constantly bruised. She knows it won’t be this way much longer but for now, please pray for peace and healing.
She has two more  radiation treatments on Monday and Tuesday then a break before the last leg of this journey takes place the next week. Please pray for the remaining portion of phase one of her treatment and the beginning of phase two.
As Lisa says, “I am trying to survive the cure!”
We bless each of you during Resurrection Weekend,
Lisa & Bethel

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