April 5, 2011

Greetings All ~
“Rock of Ages! He has been my Rock of Ages through out this whole ordeal. I have not been washed off that Rock, that Rock has not shaken, He is steadfast – therefore I am holding steady! I truly have more peace through this ordeal than I have had in my daily life. It is phenomenal, really, how I am usually concerned about earning income and paying the bills and yet that has not been the case one time during this journey.”  Lisa’s statement of her faith tonight.
I know it’s been a while since I wrote. I have been trying to put together a blog and it just isn’t coming together very well! UGH!!!
So, here is the report of how things are this week:
We made it to the tax appointment last Saturday as the nausea had all but subsided by then. We were gone for about six hours and were pretty beat by the time we got home. It was a great day but was exhausting for her.
Last week, thank you to all your prayers, the nausea was much less than the first week. Today, the Doctor gave her something else to manage the nausea, should it come back.
Last Monday was her appointment to get her nephrostomy bag removed. They did remove the bag but not the tubing to the outside; just plugged it up to make sure the stint they had inserted worked properly. Well, it did and on Wednesday they removed the tube from her kidney and the outside plumbing. Because it heals from the inside out, the doc put a huge 4 x 4 pad almost two inches thick and told her the drainage would soak it. But God! ! ! It drained a couple drops, one tiny spot, about 1/8″ and that was it. Done, no drainage and it is healed – from the inside out!
Her days are mostly spent sitting or laying down, exhausted, no energy, no strength but still in the place of praising God and being thankful for His mercies. Her eating has been minimal because of the nausea but she when she eats, she has eaten healthy soups, Boost drinks and chicken for protein. That seems to be the things that sit the best in her system.
That has worked well for her. She has lost 15 pounds and doesn’t miss it at all. The dietitian came to talk to today about how concerned she is at the weight loss being so fast. Lisa, you all know her, said it doesn’t concern her at all! Because she is eating “healthy” when she does eat, the gal said to just be careful and make sure she stays with healthy choices.
That is until today!
We fully expected her to be really wiped out after today. Her radiation appointment was at 7:40 a.m. Then off to the oncology Doctor’s appt at 9:30. At 11:00 was chemo, which lasted until 3:30. She waited for me to get off work at 4:00 to come home. That is a very looooooong day and she hasn’t tolerated those outings well at all.
I have to say, when I picked her up, it is like a whole new person. First of all, the doctor said, “Everything is shrinking nicely.” HALLELUJAH!!!!
She is alert, full of energy, enthusiasm. On the  way home I said, “When do you think you are going to be ready for a steak and potato dinner?” She said she felt pretty good tonight so how about tonight!
We ordered dinner from Outback. She ate the whole thing! Everything; 6 oz. steak, sweet potato, a third of the baguette and a large salad. Trish and I didn’t even eat that much. That is more than she has been eating in two whole days. How wonderful to see her enjoy a good meal again.
Today’s chemo means 60% of the chemo is over. At the end of this week, three of the five weeks of radiation will be complete. Those are some great numbers. To be able to see the end in sight is so helpful for her.
Today Lisa told me this:
“While I am at the chemo clinic looking at the very dire circumstances of others, it helps me realize my situation truly is a temporary inconvenience and I can identify with Paul when he talks about temporary light afflictions. I also feel that I am riding on the wind of the prayers of my friends and family. I am so grateful for the faithful prayers of each of you.”
She is asking for prayer that the new medications will suit her body chemistry and there won’t be problems.
Also, please pray that the nausea will stay away and that she will have the energy and strength she is enjoying tonight.
Thank you for your love and faithfulness. I am sure God is pleased at your love and sacrificial prayers and ministry to His child, your Sister.
Blessings to each of you,

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