From Lisa ~ in her hospital bed

Hello Precious Warriors,
This morning I was so trepidatious about this phase of treatment, not looking forward to it at all. As it turns out, I am in little to no pain especially since I have my “Jeopardy button.” It doesn’t give me money but it does give me an edge against having any pain. Nice. . .


After the surgical procedure and two hour recovery time, I had a CT scan. Amazing News!
a. There is no tissue damage from the radiation
b. I only have to have this radiation 50 hours instead of 63
c. There were no live bad cells
I asked the Doctor with the  news being so good, can I go home. . . I’m still here but only until Thursday night – not Friday night! This is much less time than originally thought.
I was talking with the Radiation Oncology doctor about the whole kidney exploding situation. He said Dr. Tait, my main doctor told him, “I’ve never seen a kidney explode and then heal up by itself.” That is so wonderful.That is Dr. Jesus on call!
Well, it has been a long day so I am going to get some rest. Thank you so much for your prayers. They have made all the difference in this whole journey.
I love each of you,

Posting from Lisa

To all you mighty Prayer Warriors,

I am sorry for being absent from updates for a couple weeks. Had several events going on in my own personal family that took me away from Lisa’s situation for a while.
I will tell you she has had a couple decent weeks. The chemo has been done now for three weeks. It was two weeks ago the radiation was done so her body has had some time to recuperate. She has been able to eat a few more things and has had minimal indigestion and other responses to food!
Tomorrow is the big day for her and the beginning of Phase Two of her treatment. To say this phase will be unpleasant is a huge understatement and she is really not looking forward to tomorrow, Tuesday.
She will be in CMC-Main until sometime Friday. She can have visitors and welcomes them as long as you know upfront you can only stay in the room with her for 10 minutes, there is a distance that a visitor has to stay away from her and she may be somewhat sedated. She will be radioactive HOT!
Let me  know if you are interested in going up to see her and I will email the details to you tomorrow after she gets settled in her room.
Prayer requests are:
-> Renewed strength and courage as she faces tomorrow
-> Peace Peace Peace
-> For Doctor Crimaldi, quick precision with procedure and completely sterile field
-> No infection!
-> Complete eradication of the cancer with no organ damage
-> Time to go quickly over the next four days
-> Confidence in this process to be done and successful
Thank you dear ones. It is an honor and pleasure to bring Lisa and her situation to you knowing you will take her before the Father’s throne.
Have a peace filled night,

Resurrection Sunday

Lisa’s message today:
I sure didn’t want to leave the house this morning but wanted to be with my church family. I just really needed to reconnect with everyone whose been praying for me. It was wonderful being there with all of you.
I appreciate you all,

Please Pray

Good Morning Saints,
It’ s Friday but Sunday’s comin’! Here is what Lisa is pondering today:
You’re my Lord of lords, You’re my King of kings
You’re my mighty God, Lord of EVERYTHING
You’re Emmanuel, You’re my great I Am
You’re my Prince of Peace, Who is the lamb
You’re my living God, You’re my Saving Grace
You will reign forever, You’re my Ancient of Days
You’re my Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End
You’re my Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, and Friend
You’re my Prince of peace, I will live my life for You!
We have postponed the auction due to the effects of Lisa’s last chemo treatment. So grateful for the chemo being over but it isn’t leaving her without a huge tornado raging in her. The nausea has been nearly unbearable and her stomach feels like it is constantly bruised. She knows it won’t be this way much longer but for now, please pray for peace and healing.
She has two more  radiation treatments on Monday and Tuesday then a break before the last leg of this journey takes place the next week. Please pray for the remaining portion of phase one of her treatment and the beginning of phase two.
As Lisa says, “I am trying to survive the cure!”
We bless each of you during Resurrection Weekend,
Lisa & Bethel

April 19, 2011

Greetings to all you mighty Prayer Warriors,
Lisa’s message to all of you:
This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people (namely me) but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. II Corinthians 9:12


Today is a day of celebration as she had her last chemo treatment. What a joyful day this is for Lisa. She has five more radiation treatments to complete this portion of her treatments. The final portion of the treatment will begin on May 3, 2011. We are believing God will continue working miracles in her on a day to day business.
How is she doing? Well, the nausea is a bit less often than earlier in the treatment. The other intestinal woes – well, that isn’t likely to slow down for a couple more weeks. The radiation causes the intestinal woes – but she is still in good spirits and not discouraged. She is still smiling and praising God.


She still gets exhausted doing the smallest thing. Being dehydrated is such a harmful threat to her and she is doing as much as she can to keep hydrated. She drinks beverages filled with extra nutrients that work to rehydrate her. We have read the Chemo Nutrition guide and am working to keep those foods and beverages available to her so when she is able to eat, the proper foods are here.


How is the auction coming along? Quite a few people have donated some wonderful items for the auction. Pictures should start going up in the next couple days. Come back often – get your bids ready. May 7 isn’t that far away.


Prayer requests:
-> The intestinal woes will come into order – now!
-> During the upcoming surgical procedure for phase two of treatment, the Doctor  will be able to accomplish Option One. That will be the best and most desired treatment. It will take a miracle to be able to accomplish this.
-> Items will come in for the auction and God to provide people that love these items and need them for their own lives! 🙂


Lisa wants you to know:
“I am grateful for all the prayers; I know I am being buoyed up by them.”


We pray God will deeply bless each of you as He provides every one of your needs.
Bethel for Lisa

April 14, 2011

Greetings Family and Friends,

It has been a few days since we have written but much has happened. On Monday, Lisa had three Doctor appointments as well as her radiation. The first Doc was the Radiologist. He said things are going well. Her last radiation treatment will be on the 26th of April. Well, at least that was the plan as we knew it. She went to her weekly blood draw – that is used to make sure the chemo on Tuesday is the correct strength. That is calculated each week.


From there, we went to a Radiation Oncologist’s appointment. Hmmm, I do remember in the beginning of all of this there was something about an extra dose of radiation at the end – a lot going on back then and we sort of forgot that fact! This Doc was about to remind us. After the 25th radiation treatment, the next week Lisa will go to the hospital for a procedure that will be a part of this final radiation push. I will not go into the details of how these treatments will be done but there are  two options.


The first option would entail her staying in the hospital for 60 hours. She would not be allowed out of bed and would be getting low doses of radiation every hour (or few hours) for the whole 60 hours. People could visit but only stay in the room for a certain amount of time and would stay a ways away as she would be radioactive. Then she would be done! This would be Lisa’s first choice if they can make it work out.


The second option would also begin at the hospital with a surgical procedure. After that, there would be five high doses of radiation; two a week for two weeks and one the third week. For each of these treatments, she would be put to sleep – I mean anesthetised. This would prolong the end of the treatment but then it would be done.

On May 4th, during surgery, the Doctor will make the decision which of these options will be the one will work out the best. She won’t know until she wakes up. She will either stay for three days or come home and start the other treatments the next week.


This was not great news as April 26th was the target “DONE” date. And what was Lisa’s response? I asked her on the way home what she was thinking. She said, “I just want to do want needs to be done so I can get healthy again.” Amazing!


How is she doing?

This gets graphic so you can skip to the prayer requests if you like: The radiation causes diarrhea. That is worse as the time goes on. It has gotten really bad. The chemo causes nausea and vomiting. Between these two, it is near impossible to keep her hydrated.


Prayer requests:

-> Because of the diarrhea and vomiting, she has very little strength. She is very weak. Please pray God will strengthen her whole being.

-> Please pray she’ll be able to eat and the nourishment will stay with her.

-> Her mouth is getting sore. This is also an expected outcome of these treatments. Please pray she does not get the abscesses that, according to what we have read in all her information, is a side effect in the mouth and throat.

-> Her intestinal track will be at peace and she would have less reaction to the radiation.

-> Her last chemo is next Tuesday. Pray that it has done it’s job and worked to kill the cancer cells and the nausea will be minor or better, nil.

-> The Doctor will be able to make the three day procedure work.

-> On another note – the auction is coming up. Please pray for it’s success. God has provided, through many of you Saints, wonderful items to sell. The pictures and descriptions will be going up soon.


We are so grateful for each of you and your prayers.

Blessings to each of you,

Lisa (by Bethel)

April 9, 2011

Greetings to all ~
Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
It is Saturday night. Lisa is laying on one of the couches in her family room watching Dutch Sheets tell his version of the “key” story. (Of course it is a bit different than the version we heard from Chuck Pearce!)
We have spent the evening listening to the amazing storm, checking out the 1″ round hail hitting the deck, windows and roof, listening to the drip in the roof, by the back door. In the background of all this noise is Pastor Mahesh reading praise verses. The Enthroned CD has been playing, almost non-stop for close to four weeks now. Peace reigns in this house! Thank you Lord.
She has kept up with as much of the conference as possible. Sleeps a lot but has “attended” the conference via the internet the rest of the time.
Can I tell you about God’s perfect time for Lisa?!?!?! Remember the big storm last week? She lost some shingles from the roof. She called the insurance company and they are going to send out an appraiser. Meanwhile, the company she called for a bid on a new roof is going to give her a huge break on a new roof PLUS upgrade it to architectural style! While she is praising God through this difficult time, God is giving her not only a new roof but the desires of her heart, a free upgrade. He is such a great and mighty God. He always has another plan up His sleeve – if He has sleeves! 
How is Lisa doing? Her days are spent pretty exhausted and limited in strength. Today she walked out to the mailbox. Wore her out! Then her inside plumbing started working overtime. These are things we knew may come at this point in the radiation and chemo. The nausea, although less than it was a couple weeks ago, still comes after eating many times. It is never easy for her, draining at best. But still she has not complained. That amazes me and has greatly challenged my ways of reacting to everything!
Here is a bit of information to explain why she is so exhausted and her strength is challenged. The chemo is designed to attack and kill all fast growing cells so it targets the cancer cells, which are fast growing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go after only the cancer. All fast growing cells in her body are targeted by this killer drug; that includes bone marrow, lining of her mouth, sinus’, esophagus, stomach, lining of intestines, the whole intestinal track. Her body is fighting this constantly. It is a huge struggle.
Prayer requests:
  • That is one of the main prayer requests at this time. If she were to get sick, even a cold would be a difficult battle. Please pray God would continue to protect her from illness. People have been so considerate when they have a cold or sniffles. It has been hard as those are some of her closest friends. They have not been able to come see her for over a week.
  • Please pray her mouth and esophagus will not get the abscess’ that usually come with the attack on the lining being compromised. From what we have heard these are extremely painful. We are asking God to keep her protected from that happening.
  • Another prayer request is the tumor would continue to shrink. It is “shrinking nicely” according to the doctor last week. We don’t want it shrunk, we want it gone! Completely gone! The rogue cells in her lymph nodes by her heart – we want them gone! Not just dead, gone! No more cancer; no spreading anywhere else in her body. No more!
Please don’t hesitate to contact her. If she can’t talk, she won’t answer the phone. If she isn’t up to visitors, she will let you know.
Hopefully, she will soon be able to put some of these updates on here too! I know it will be nice for all of you to hear from her.
I also want to let you know Lisa is praying for all of you and is grateful for you.
Blessings to each of you.

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